TalkingTag App is required to work with Talkingtaglabels and merchandise. The App is available as free download from web site or from device App Stores.

TalkingTag™ for iPhone

TalkingTag App works on all versions of iPhone running iOS 4 and above. The App also works on other camera enabled iOS devices such as iPOD Touch and iPAD 2 tablets.

The software is now available on iPhone App Store. For more information click here.


TalkingTag App on iPhone

TalkingTag App on iPhone

TalkingTag™ for Android 

TalkingTag App works on most of  Android phones running version 2.1 and above. The App currently doesn't work well on Android tablet devices. We are doing a port to tablet devices and expect to release the software soon for tablet devices.

The software is now available on Android Play market place. For more information click here.

TalkingTag™ for Windows Phone

TalkingTag App is now available for Windows Phone 7.1 and above including Windows 8 Phones.

The App is now available on Windows Phone Store. Click here to view Windows Phone App.

To download directly on your Windows Phone, visit from your phone or search for TalkingTag in Windows Phone Market Store.

TalkingTag™ for Blackberry

TalkingTag App is available on many Blackberry devices running operating system version 5 and 7.  Visit web site from Blackberry device browser to download the App. Only limited features are available on Blackberry devices. Video and Auto scan features are not currently supported. Blackberry Z10 and other newer devices with newer operating systems are not currently supported.

TalkingTag™ for Windows PC

TalkingTag App (Beta version) is in works for Windows PC. An autofocus camera (or CAM) is required for proper operation.  Please email us for availability details.

TalkingTag™ for Windows Mobile 6 and 5

This product is discontinued and is only available upon request. Please email us.